Five Deliciously Milky Summer Treats to Make at Home

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Milk is amazingly versatile in food and drink for all seasons. Hot day? Iced cold milk! Cold day? Steaming hot milk! Struggling to sleep? Luke warm milk is your friend. Need a tasty sauce to pair with your dinner? Grab some milk and a few herbs and spices and go town.

To celebrate the many different things you can do with milk now we’re into the sunny season, these are five fantastic milk recipes that you can make at home.

1. Homemade strawberry milkshake


Is there anything more refreshing than an ice-cold strawberry milkshake on a warm summer’s day? We think not! That’s why we love picking a punnet of the freshest strawberries we can find, grabbing some milk from our fridge, and making our own.

There are tons of tasty ways to do this, but maybe our favourite is this perfect homemade strawberry milkshake recipe from foodie blog The Kitchn. Not too thick, not too sweet, and full of fresh ingredients, it’s a summer milkshake the way they should be done. All you’ll need is a blender, a bowl, a chopping board and of course all of the ingredients you can see below.

Image credit: The Kitchn


Strawberry milkshake ingredients

Image credit: The Kitchn

2. Rose Milk

Rose milkImage credit: Country Hill CottageIf you want a refreshing recipe with milk without all that chopping and blending, rose milk makes an amazing milkshake alternative. It’s a creamy and light non-alcoholic cold beverage with notes of roses that come from the use of rose extract stirred into the drink.

In fact, you can make rose milk with just those two ingredients, but we prefer this super refreshing rose milk recipe from Country Hill Cottage which also mixes in agave nectar and pink pitaya powder that lends the concoction its pink summery colour.

3. Milk chicken with a milky-mayo dressed side salad

Who doesn’t love a nice chicken salad on a warm summer’s day? It may sound unusual, but we can guarantee this delicious milk chicken recipe from British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is one of the best you’ll ever have had!

All you need is a whole chicken along with butter, a cinnamon stick, salt and pepper, some fresh sage, a couple of lemons, a big bulb of garlic and olive oil along with around 550ml of fresh milk. Then just follow the instructions over on the recipe here.

For a little extra high-calcium milky goodness, try pairing it with this salad recipe from foodie blog A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

The highlight is the simple milky mayo dressing for which you’ll need five tablespoons of mayo to three tablespoons of milk and two teaspoons of sugar; all mixed together and poured over some summer greens. Beautiful!


Milk chicken

Image credit: Jamie Oliver

Milk mayo salad

Image credit: A Pretty Life

4. Banana split with homemade banana ice cream

Homemade banana milkshakeImage credit: Well Plated 

Once you’ve had your milk summer chicken salad, why not a dessert? We’ve two choices for you, with the first one coming from Well Plated.

Homemade banana ice cream might sound tricky to get right, but this choc chip packed banana ice cream recipe is deceptively simple. You will need an ice cream maker for it, but it’s well worth it – requiring base ingredients of just milk, cream, banana eggs and vanilla. You can also add the aforementioned chocolate chunks, and even some rum to keep it softer in the freezer!

Serve it up on its own in scoops or preferably as an indulgent banana split like this one by The Spruce Eats. Delicious.


5. Tangy fruit-filled milk ice lollies

Image credit: Gonna Need Milk

Fancy a sweet treat that’s a little quicker to dish up to dinner guests than homemade ice cream? The last of our five deliciously milky summer treats to make at home is the perfect solution!

Milk ice lollies have a wonderfully nostalgic taste that takes us back to summer’s spent eating mini milks, but these particular milk ice lollies from Gonna Need Milk are a little more upmarket and guaranteed to wow anyone you have over.The recipe calls for fat-free milk, Greek yogurt, sugar, plus a combo of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries giving the lollies their signature tang.

We absolutely love them, and we’re sure you will too!

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