Five Fun Ways To Use Fresh Milk!

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The great thing about milk is that it can go with almost anything in a wide array of recipes. Whether you have a sweet tooth and want to make pancakes or a milkshake, or you fancy making a homemade curry, milk is one of the most versatile ingredients around!

The only slight drawback with milk is that it goes off and has a relatively short sell-by day compared to other fresh produce. With the help of our Milktopz leakproof reusable bottle tops, your milk can stay fresher for longer. However, there always comes a time when you will need to use up your milk before it starts to go bad.

So, if you’ve got a bottle of fresh milk sitting in your fridge right now that needs to be used up – fear not! We’ve come up with a list of five fun and creative ways to use fresh milk, so you don’t waste anything and make delicious meals in the process!


Custard in a bowl

We know what you’re thinking. Custard probably takes ages to make, with lots of painfully long steps and equipment needed? Surprisingly, no! homemade custard is relatively easy to whip up in a couple of hours and takes very little cooking skill to make. If you have lots of milk lying around, making a delicious homemade custard to accompany any pudding is the perfect fun way to utilise fresh milk and ensure it doesn’t go to waste. All you need is lots of milk and a few other household kitchen cupboard staples, and you have the perfect way to use up large amounts of milk in one go.

Banana Bread

Banana breadWe know that the general public is no strangers to banana bread following the pandemic. It’s quick to make, doesn’t require a lot of fancy ingredients, and is a great way to use up overripe bananas that are past the point of being able to eat on their own. But did you know one of the key ingredients to getting fluffy, delicious banana bread is milk? Kill two birds with one stone by using your old milk and bananas to make the best banana bread you’ve ever tasted.



White sauce

White sauceThere are endless ways to use a white sauce in your cooking because it’s such a versatile component of many meals and is so easy to make. A popular staple in many cuisines across the world, a white sauce is a guaranteed way to use up leftover milk lying around while giving you the opportunity to make a delicious dinner from scratch. Whether it be a bechamel for a lasagne or moussaka, a cheese sauce for a pasta dish, or a fish pie with mashed potato on top (mashed potatoes also require lots of milk!), a white sauce really can be incorporated into any menu. Here is a great recipe to make an all-purpose easy white sauce.


PancakesStill want more fun creative ways to use fresh milk? Try making pancakes! The beauty of making pancakes is that you can fill them with whatever you like, they don’t just have to be eaten for breakfast, and everybody loves them. Whether you want to make British style crepe-like pancakes or big fluffy American ones, both varieties require a decent amount of milk to make, so the choice is yours. Adding fresh milk to a pancake mix helps them to be light and dissolve the flour, making it a liquid consistency ready to fry. And if you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or just prefer alternatives milks to dairy, you can also use any plant-based milks for this, the outcome will be just as tasty!



It may sound obvious, but one of the quickest and easiest fun ways to use up fresh milk is to simply drink it! If you are not someone who wants to drink a pint of milk on its own, there are so many ways that you can add milk to make your drinks extra creamy and delicious. A breakfast smoothie packed with lots of fruit, a milkshake, or simply a tea or coffee are some of the best ways to do it. Even some cocktails require milk, such as a white Russian or a chocolate martini.


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