5 Festive Recipes For A Very Milky Christmas

A festive scene of a bottle and glass of milk beside gingerbread biscuits and a gifts

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From cosy classics and decadent desserts to boozy late-night treats on the sofa, there are loads of fun ways to incorporate milk this Christmas.

Leftover milk in the fridge? Try a quick and easy hot chocolate. Fancy a fun breakfast for a festive full house? Whip up a batch of super simple pancakes.

But if you’re interested in going above and beyond these tried and tested classics, here are 5 milky recipes you might not have thought of that are bound to keep you and your family feeling festive this Christmas.

Boozy Rum Babas with Lemongrass and Lime Syrup

Festive Rum Babas in a glass bowl alongside red holly berries

It’s no secret that lots of folks like a little Christmas tipple, and this spiced, retro pud gives you the chance to use up any rum (brandy, bourbon or cognac work, too!) that might be left un-sipped.

The Rum Baba may seem a little kitschy and old-school, but combining it with a zesty, boozy glaze and steeping it with star anise and cinnamon makes this 70s classic a festive way to use milk this Christmas.

The batter is as simple as they come, with butter, yeast, flour, eggs and, of course, milk. The syrup is a blank canvas for you to flavour in any way you like. Our favourite Marmaduke Scarlet recipe opts for a citrussy, East Asian concoction.

Christmas Leftovers Mac & Cheese

This warming winter bake is a great way to use up the odds and ends of your Christmas dinner. Leftover veggies like carrots, parsnips and sprouts work brilliantly, as does any stuffing you’ve got lying around. Boasting a milky sauce enriched with oodles of Gruyère cheese (a good strong cheddar works, too!), this filling, festive dinner takes less than an hour from start to finish.

And the best part? This recipe isn’t just a fun way to use milk this Christmas, as you can use it all year round to reduce waste and use up those tasty roast leftovers! There are loads of different ways to rustle up a milky Mac & Cheese, but our favourite is Ella Tarn’s, which you can find over at BBC Food!

Hearty bowl of Christmas leftover Macaroni CheeseImage credit: BBC Food

Spanish Leche Fritas Dessert

Feeling experimental this Christmas? Why not give your holiday season a Mediterranean twist with a uniquely Spanish dessert? All you need is cornstarch, a few eggs and some of your favourite festive spices, as well as a good glug of fresh milk!

Leche Fritas is Spanish for fried milk. It might sound unusual, but we really recommend giving it a try. We think you’ll love its smooth, silky texture and rich, sweet taste.

Spanish fried milk dessert on a plate, beside cinnamon sticks

There are also loads of ways to get creative with this recipe, but The Cooking Foodie has an easy-to-follow recipe that you can adapt. They recommend throwing in a few strips of orange peel to flavour your milk or dusting the dessert with cocoa powder to put your own twist on this milky festive treat.

Chocolate Magic Cake

This indulgent, moreish cake is a great way to use milk this Christmas. It’s the perfect choice for all you chocoholics, and kids will love the magic batter that creates layers of chocolatey heaven all on its own.

Three pieces of Romanian magic cake on a table, dusted with icing sugar

Magic Cake is originally a Romanian recipe known for its milky batter that separates into three layers when baked: a rich, fudgy bottom layer, then a smooth, creamy middle layer, topped off with a fluffy sponge. It’s best served cold, dusted with icing sugar and maybe some homemade candied peel for a really festive flavour.

There are a few different ways to adapt it, too. Joanna at JoCooks (hers is our favourite recipe) suggests butterscotch, vanilla or even Nutella magic cake. There’s really no limit to how creative you can get with this luxurious and unique dessert!  And, with plenty of messy mixing and stirring, this is a brilliant recipe for kids to get stuck into over the Christmas holiday!

Toblerone Martini

Last on our list is a cheeky, rich tipple that’s perfect for hosting your own cocktail party or for snuggling up on the sofa on a cold winter evening. It’s also one of the many cocktails that incorporate milk into the recipe!

This method from Social and Cocktail promises a decadent mix of Kahlua, Frangelico and Baileys (or Butterscotch Schnapps), shaken with crushed ice, cream, milk and a little dash of honey.

While cocktails are getting more and more popular, not everyone will have the right equipment or ingredients, but don’t let this stop you from enjoying this Christmassy cocktail. Make your own crushed ice using a blender or by putting the ice in a ziplock bag and crushing it with a rolling pin. Plus, blender bottles, mason jars or even travel coffee cups make great substitute cocktail shakers.

A decadent looking toblerone martini, dusted with cocoa powderImage credit: Social and Cocktail

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