Health Benefits of Drinking Milk

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With the growing popularity of plant-based diets, many people are asking ‘is drinking milk good for you?

Milk has been widely consumed for around 10,000 years, across much of the planet and has been a cornerstone of diets in Europe, Africa and large parts of Asia for millennia.

So, whether you prefer whole, skim, lactose-free or even one of the growing ranges of plant-based varieties, we think there’s no denying the nutritional goodness in this delicious beverage. So here we break down some of the fantastic health benefits of drinking milk.

Bursting with nutrients!

Milk contains many vital nutrients that are important to living a healthy life. One 200ml serving of milk can contribute significantly to your daily intake of these nutrients and minerals, helping you to give your body what it needs. So, let’s look at some of the most important nutrients in milk:

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When we think of milk, most of us think of calcium, which is well known for keeping our bones and teeth healthy. With over 3 million people estimated to be suffering from Osteoporosis in the UK, a calcium-rich diet is more important than ever, as it can help reduce the symptoms and chances of developing the condition.

Beyond bones, calcium helps our muscles function properly, supports our digestive system and lets us access energy from food more efficiently.

A single 200ml serving of semi-skimmed milk provides 31% of an adult’s daily calcium needs, making it an efficient and tasty way to strengthen your bones.


That same 200ml serving can also give us 33% of our daily advised phosphorus intake. It’s one of the main minerals we need to keep our bodies healthy, and over 80% of phosphorus is found in our bones and teeth.

Along with calcium, it plays a crucial role in keeping those vital parts of our body strong and healthy, but it also provides a wide array of other benefits.

From maintaining energy levels to keeping a healthy brain and nervous system and helping deliver oxygen to the body, high phosphorus content is one of the critical benefits of drinking milk.


While iodine might be a nutrient we don’t hear as much about, it’s one of the most important in our diet. It’s essential for helping our memory, attention, and decision-making capabilities.

Though many believe Iodine deficiency to be a problem of the past, recent research has shown that the UK population is ‘mild to moderately’ iodine deficient, which can lead to severe health conditions if left untreated.

This is where the benefits of drinking milk become apparent. 200ml of milk contains 41% of an adult’s recommended iodine intake, providing an accessible and convenient way to keep your brain healthy.

A great source of protein!

Proteins are vital to our body’s daily functions, enabling us to grow, repair our cells and regulate our immune systems. With 200ml of semi-skimmed milk containing 7g of protein, it’s a great source of this vital macronutrient.

Not only does milk contain a high volume of protein, but it also contains each of the nine essential amino acids that keep your body running at the optimal level.

Milk protein is also an excellent anti-catabolic, meaning that it helps to prevent muscle tissue breakdown. This is even more important at times when the body isn’t getting calories, for example, when we’re sleeping, which goes some way to explaining the prevalence of a glass of milk at bedtime!

A woman sleeps comfortably in bed, a glass of milk sits on the bedside table

This quantity and diversity of protein can translate into a lower risk of age-related muscle loss as well as a significant boost to muscle repair, making milk a great alternative to processed protein drinks.

It’s so versatile!

An underrated health benefit of drinking milk is how accessible and versatile it is. Maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult, with many people struggling to balance work, life, budgets and enjoyment in the food and drink they consume.

This is where we think milk can excel. Aside from being a tasty, comparatively low-cost drink, milk is also a brilliant, adaptable ingredient for loads of delicious recipes.

It makes a great high-protein base for a healthy smoothie, especially when combined with greens and fruits for a nutritious breakfast. Alternatively, it’s a great nutritious alternative to water when making porridge or other hot cereal. Milk even works well in soups to add richness and nutrients to a warming winter supper.

If you follow a plant-based diet or have issues digesting lactose, don’t worry! There are a great variety of animal-free milks that also provide excellent nutritional benefits. With most non-dairy milks being lower in sugar and fat than cow’s milk and almond milk packing in even more calcium than dairy alternatives, the health benefits of drinking milk are accessible to anyone.

A smiling woman adds greens, milk and berries to a smoothie maker.

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