How to Keep Your Milk Cool on Your Doorstep

Red top milk bottles on a doorstep

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Knowing how to keep your milk cool on your doorstep can be tricky, especially if you’re out all day at work. But keeping your delivered milk cool on your doorstep is important to ensure it stays as fresh as possible. If your milk delivery is in the early hours and you’re a late riser, leaving milk on your doorstep for just a few hours in the morning can quickly turn sour.

Here are our tips for keeping milk cool on your doorstep:

1. Refrigerate your milk ASAP

It may sound like we’re stating the obvious, but bringing in your milk as early as possible is the best way to keep milk on your doorstep cool, to avoid contact with sunlight and hot temperatures.

Milkman delivery times vary significantly, with some milkmen even delivering in the late hours of the night before, so find out approximately what time they deliver and try to bring it in and get it refrigerated as soon as possible. If deliveries are early morning, try to organise it, so the first person in your household takes the milk in.

2. Keep it in the shade

If you have an enclosed front or back porch, shaded area, large plant pot, or any object or space in which you can keep the milk, let your milkman know! The less time your delivery spends in direct sunlight, the longer it will start fresh. Either update your delivery instructions online or simply tell your milkman in person, so they know exactly where the best place is to leave it.

Red top milk bottles on a doorstep

3. More icepacks and buckets

If you don’t have a cool, shaded area for your milkman to store your milk, leaving out a cooling device will provide an excellent temporary facility to see you through to the morning when you put your milk in the fridge.

The most efficient, reliable way to do this is through a cooling bag, specifically designed to keep liquid cool for as long as possible. They are a great inexpensive way to help, with just a little water inside, stopping premature spoiling.

However, if you don’t have a cooling bag or pack at home, you can use a bit of DIY and things around the house to make out. Popping an ice bucket outside your doorstep or a cooling thermal lunchbox with an ice pack in will have the same effect as a cooling pack.

4. Get your neighbours to help

If you work long hours, travel a lot, or are going away for a short period, get a neighbour or family member to take in your milk for you. This will ensure you don’t have a spoiled delivery and can enjoy your milk when you return. Alternatively, if you are away for longer periods, cancel your milk delivery to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Empty milk bottles in front of a door next to some green wellies

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